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The wastage in Hungary is more than the world average (1,9 vs 1,7). For the real change, it’s not enough to think in isolated groups, messes should change their daily routines .

Going out of the box, at the EcoPunk Gathering we can collect the freshest, high quality information about everyday ecology outdoors, that was unaccessible or only accessible in conference rooms, blinded by neon lights. At the informal open-air “symposium” the most known Hungarian and international professionals give interactive lectures, debates, workshops and many other outstanding practical professional will have their first presentations about their experiences in front of a big crowd.

Our speakers

Putting together the program it was essential to give a wide perspective, besides our reality, new ideologies, experiences from different parts of the World. But at the same time we also focus on the Hungarian reality, what do we cause and how can we ease it. 

… soon more


… soon more
The EcoPunk Gathering is free under the age of 26, accessible with wheelchair, family and-, all kind of living being friendly.