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The wastage in Hungary is more than the world average (1,9 vs 1,7). For the real change, it’s not enough to think in isolated groups, messes should change their daily routines .

Going out of the box, at the EcoPunk Gathering we can collect the freshest, high quality information about everyday ecology outdoors, that was unaccessible or only accessible in conference rooms, blinded by neon lights. At the informal open-air “symposium” the most known Hungarian and international professionals give interactive lectures, debates, workshops and many other outstanding practical professional will have their first presentations about their experiences in front of a big crowd.

Why Eco? Why Punk? What is EcoPunk anyway?

EcoPunk Gathering is a part of a movement that goes against and demolishes the accustomed consumer habits, and originates from a new ideology that questions the comfortable and regular. A bit ironic, very modern and fresh. Redifines everything: waste is raw material, excrement is soil.


The change of our attitude originates from guilt, and the recognition of the fact that the learned, accustomed is harmful to the Environment, that after all causes harm to us. But no conscious step and change leads to direct positive feedback. Living earth consciously sucks. It comes with many abnegations and conflicts.

We reject making anyone feel guilty or pointing at each other.

Everyone is responsible for his/her own ecological footstep. At the EcoPunk Gathering we all together are looking for qure for these individual senses of guilt, and through the greatest professionals we try to introduce solutions, of which everyone can create a package, that can be integrated in the everyday life.

Why is EcoPunk different from the other green conferences?

There are loads of articles that fear and create climate anxiety, we are  overran by publication about ocean pollution and dying polar bears,but it seems like frightening doesn’t work. We need solutions, possibilities, articles about positive ways, easily accessible, understandable, valid information that reaches masses. Although the existing contents are colourful, interesting, and rich in stimuluses, it is hard to understand them,they divisive and we are are left alone with a shallow knowledge that we have to gather from thousands of articles and then organize alone.


Many organization, blogger, influencer deals with environment protection, we can say that all the main topics have their professionals and representatives. They typically work on their own, they seem to know about each other, most of the times they also know each other, but the don’t cooperate very often.

The most popular topics such as plastic free or zero waste are not adapted to the hungarian reality, we fight for clean oceans and rights for wales, although we don’t even have direct connection with any oceans at all. This way the problem seems to be far away. The wastage in Hungary is more than the world average (1,9 vs 1,7).


The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published its last report that says a 1,5°C warming has numerous scary consequences, that can only be stopped with a worldwide change that lasts at least 30 years, starting from now. Thinking in extremes in isolated groups is not enough. The messes should change their daily routines. Everyone needs to be involved, the business sector and the private sector as well. We ruined it businesswise, so we have to fix it businesswise.


The aim of the event is to make lessening our ecological footsteps accessible and attractive. So anyone who comes to the event, being at any stage of changing his/her attitude to the environment, living any kind of lifestyle, should find solutions that can be integrated into his/her life.

We do this as we bring together the well-known experts of the main topics under one roof. We collect practical advices, solutions and tricks in one space and make the different topics interoperable. We experiment, doubt and search for answers.

We show sustainable alternatives for everything that is necessary for our existence on the Earth.


For us consumer experience is important. The event would only be that professional to still be lovable, but authentic. We provide interesting and useful information for the guests of the Gathering.